• July 12, 2022 4:32 pm
  • Manchester

Product information
LaPaz 002 BK 3/4-Size Classical Guitar (Black)

A more-than affordable introduction to the classical guitar, the LaPaz 002 sets up any beginner with warm sound and the comfortable playing feel of lower tension, nylon strings. Nylon strings are softer than steel strings, so less pressure is needed when holding down notes and chords, and since this guitar has been built using basswood, you’re assured of a balanced acoustic sound and plenty of definition whether finger-picking or strumming. This 3/4 sized model is the perfect learning partner.

Traditional Design & Modern Tweaks

To aid beginners as they navigate their first chords and scales, LaPaz have opted for a traditional, 51mm wide nut, giving both your fretting and playing hand more space between each string, and making it easier to learn picking techniques. Another striking design detail is the addition of a truss rod, which extends through the neck to increase stability and prevent the warping that’s characteristic of wood exposed to any temperature and humidity shifts over a long period of time. The beauty of the truss rod is that if any warping occurs, leaving the neck lightly twisted, it can be corrected by simply adjusting the truss rod. To finish this comfortable and durable practice partner, the body has been sealed with white bindings, echoing the white tuning buttons of the machine heads for a stylish touch.
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  • Instrument Type : String Instrument / Amplifier
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