• January 7, 2023 10:35 am
  • York

Our Coldplay lights are made from highly durable plant-based resins derived from renewable sugar cane. This material has no impact on deforestation or displacing food supplies. To reduce the need for raw materials, we designed a bracelet that can be refurbished in situ with simple tools. Our patent-pending “living hinge” transforms tough plant-based plastic into a bendable wristband that makes it easy to clean and reuse. 

At the end of the product’s shelf life, the plastic cover can be removed and decomposed after two months in an industrial compost bin or two years in a conventional compost bin. This 7 LED light bracelet is the brightest one on the market. Together with our moving head, these LED bracelets provide a breathtakingly immersive lighting experience. Our technology offers flexibility and leading effort so designers and artists can seamlessly express their vision.


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