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A Guide for Buying Pets Online

Modern technology allows you to purchase anything from the convenience of your couch, such as the newest book, iPod, or even puppy. Now that online buying has become commonplace, and sites like eBay and Kijiji exist, you can purchase almost anything online.

Buying a pet online: Do’s and Don’ts.

Bringing home a new pet is no exception to the trend where people are increasingly using local internet searches.

Deciding to purchase your pet online may be a simple method to conduct research and meet a lovely puppy, kitten, or affectionate adult pet looking for a new home.

You don’t want to become another victim of the growing epidemic of online pet fraud.

DO Understand Your Pet’s True Origins

The image of the cute puppy was likely stolen, and it’s not for sale if you see it advertised for sale on other websites with the same image.

Breeders typically watermark their photos to prevent this.

Be cautious if you encounter images from breeders without watermarks or blurred ones.

Thousands of dogs have been transported from puppy farms abroad and sold online to Americans.

Soon after arriving, some of the puppies and cats exhibit illness symptoms.

Unfortunately, not long after, they pass away from undiagnosed medical conditions.

Avoid purchasing a pet from far-off sellers and find out where it was born and raised.

Don’t Fall for Money Scams.

Many would-be pet owners have fallen victim to con artists offering free cats or dogs.

The only payment made to be for transporting them to their houses.

What occurs is that the charming dog you believe you are saving doesn’t even exist.

The Humane Society claims that if you pay the shipping fees requested by those dealers, you’ll receive word that your pet is being held at the airport because of issues with customs officials.

When you send them more money, they will first demand more and then vanish.

Do your online research

If you have your heart set on a breeder, check their website for a history of satisfied clients.

Any trustworthy breeder will be pleased to provide your pet’s complete medical history, pedigree details, and immunisation records.

If you want to eliminate the probability of online scams, keep in mind that websites will connect you to regional shelters.

Additionally, you’ll get to save a pet who needs your assistance.

Remember that purebred animals can also end up in shelters.

Don’t use Western Union, MoneyGram, or PayPal.

You won’t be able to ask these services to assist you in getting your money back if the circumstance mentioned above occurs to you.

Although scammers can grab money from your linked bank account and disappear, Paypal may be able to look into the charge.

The Bottom Line

Sellers who want to meet you somewhere other than where the dogs are raised should be avoided.

When meeting the breeder, visiting the facility where the animals are housed is crucial and getting to know the person you will be buying from.

Do your homework!

Look into where you want to get your animal, ensure the animal’s care is a priority, and provide you are prepared for the responsibility of pet ownership. Want to buy a pet online? Check this out: http://yuppieyo.co.uk/listing-category/pets-animals/

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